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Mario Power Tennis
Description: The full opening of Mario Power Tennis.


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Comment by mario132 on 22/02/2012

i like it when wario and waluigi get chased

Comment by CUTE MARIO BROS on 14/08/2011


Comment by luigi on 03/05/2011

mario hits the tennis ball hard

Comment by mario on 17/04/2011

like it

Comment by luigi on 17/04/2011

<3 it

Comment by mario on 17/04/2011

<3 it

Comment by mario on 17/04/2011

i dont like that part when i have chese

Comment by mario on 15/11/2010

i like your comment

Comment by lugi on 15/11/2010

had you seen mario

Comment by GameMaster on 26/05/2010

I always love this intro, it reminds me why Nintendo needs to make a movie of Mario. Can you imagine a MARIO MOVIE? WOW! EPIC! Nintendo, seriously you could be getting a lot of money this way if you just make a Mario Movie!

Comment by Alex Bomb Boy on 13/11/2008

AASSOOMME 4 ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=0=o=D

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